Articulated Combiner Wars Hands Tutorial

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Articulated Combiner Wars Hands Tutorial

Post  Guest on Mon Feb 02, 2015 10:29 am

In case anyone wanted to articulate the fingers on their Combiner Wars Figures, here is a quick step by step guide on how to do it.  The way Hasbro created the molds for the fingers makes it quite easy if you have the right tools.  

First gather your supplies.

Next use the hammer, peg board (or something else solid with a hole in it) and hammer to push the pin through the hand.  It does not take much.  It is only held by a thin wall on the bottom of the hand.  Then pull it out with your pliers.

This allows you to easily pull out the fingers.

Use the thinnest blade saw you can find, I used a jewelers saw, to carefully cut the individual fingers apart.  The mold of the fingers gives you a nice solid line to follow.  If you happen to have a table with a gap in-between the planks cut on it.  The planks will help support the fingers, and the gap will allow the saw blade to move freely.

Once you have all four (or however many you want to separate)fingers cut apart, trim any flash off, sand any Kerf marks left by the say, and slide them back onto the pin.

Gently tap the pin all the way into place and your hand is finished.

With a little more cutting you can also remove the strange knuckle guns.


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