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Miranda Keys V2

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Miranda Keys V2 Empty Miranda Keys V2

Post  Guest on Sun May 12, 2013 12:17 pm

Another commissioned piece. Sub wanted a Miranda Keys and requested i make another one. I changed a few things. I think it came out great!!!

Same as before just sculpted the hair a bit different. I was able to get the name Keys on the Name Badge. Not sure if you can really see it.

Still working out m lighting issue.


- Geek

Miranda Keys V2 DSCN1027_zps7f380db0

Miranda Keys V2 DSCN1025_zpsde073040

Miranda Keys V2 DSCN1028_zps057e643c

Miranda Keys V2 DSCN1029_zps843397b3

Miranda Keys V2 DSCN1030_zpsf190743d

Miranda Keys V2 DSCN1031_zps3356c4e8


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