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"Big" scale customs

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"Big" scale customs Empty "Big" scale customs

Post  Guest on Fri Nov 02, 2012 10:37 pm

Hey guys. While i love my blok customs, they arent my only love. I thought it would be nice to a have a thread where anyone a can post a custom they have in any size and scale.

Heres my biggest custom to date: WIP
"Big" scale customs IMG_1767
Can you guess what it is (or what it will be?)

"Big" scale customs Picture010
WIP Magnamon. Big Digimon fan here so i was excited when the Bandai D-arts were announced. Then i was hugely dissapointed when the digimon were seemingly dropped from the line. I got feed up of waiting so I am making my own, built on a custom bionicle heros body.


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Post  Guest on Sat Nov 03, 2012 2:53 am

Awesome Emerald! The second one is still on the blocks scale, which makes it so much better!

The only larger scaled custom I've made is this MLP:FiM pony for my brother, which he claimed as his own as part of an art contest on NeoGAF, a games forum ( the symbol of which was rushedly painted on by myself as the figures cutie mark{butt stamp}) I'm also making another for him, in addition to one for Valosweet666 on the Bloks Forum.
Belle Eve.
"Big" scale customs X4oQKl
"Big" scale customs WLYIil

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Post  Guest on Sat Nov 03, 2012 9:31 am

Well man, I started out doing Transformers, and then sigma Six, then 1:18. I have only been doing brick for a few months.

I don't want to flood, so here are a couple of my favorites.
Malik Ibn Ini-Herit

"Big" scale customs 401310915

"Big" scale customs 401310916

"Big" scale customs 401310914

"Big" scale customs 401310913

"Big" scale customs 401310912

"Big" scale customs 401310905

"Big" scale customs 401310904

"Big" scale customs 401310903

Communiqué from Red Sultan to Baron Ironblood.

As instructed I have been travelling the Dark Continent in search of suitable applicants for the position of your personal bodyguard. I believe I have found a most promising candidate. His name is Malik ibn Ini-Herit. He is the eldest son of Falsad Ini-Herit, CEO of the Pharos Group. As you may be aware the Pharos group is currently the premier personal protection and army for hire organization in Egypt. Their family claims direct lineage to the personal honor guard of the Pharaoh Kufu. Genetic lineage and archeological evidence seems to lend credence to this claim. The Group guarantees the complete loyalty of each of their mercenary guards. It would seem that there have been multiple incidences in their families history where one family member has been pitted against another through due to contractual obligations to warring households. Death at the hands of another Ini-Herit seems to be a great honor was incurred in this manner.
As a potential client I was allowed restricted access to a number of their files. I must admit Baron, their track record is both quite surprising and most impressive. I am also now certain of the fates of several of our former assassins. It would seem that the PG has had guards placed with some of our enemies who continue to elude our retribution. Malik himself would seem to be able to claim the deaths of at least two of the assassination squads sent against the Premier of Kazakhstan.
“The Talon,” as he is referred to once a contract has been issued, is certified in weapons usage in an impressively wide variety of calibers, but it is his close quarters prowess that I believe you will find the most impressive. He has mastered the use of both the executioner’s scimitar and cybernetic interface body armor. I have secured a temporary contract with the Pharos Group. “Talon” has been paid and sanctioned to compete for a more permanent posting as your personal honor guard. I highly anticipate a most entertaining showing in the tournament.

Red Sultan out.

Fighting Style
Sebekkha “The Crocodile Spirit” adapted to both band-to-hand and the use of the Shamshir.

Weapon and Equipment
Executioner’s Shamshir (Greater scimitar)
Horus Power Claw
Horus Power Armor

Parts List.
Power Armor: Modified and articulated Startgate Move Horus armor.
Body and Arms: Cast copy of Toxic Blast Venom
Legs: Marvel Wrecker
Power Claw: Ironmonger upper arm with elbow joint from cast from TB Venom, Wink hand with custom cast claws and added ball and socket for articulation.
Forearm armor: Cast Halo bits.
Chainmail chest, back, and belt: Sculpted from Kneadatite Brown.
Skirt Piece: Sculpted from Kneadatite Brown
Scimitar: McFarlane figure

Work Done on Figure:
Except for the legs, sword, and armored forearm (Ironmonger upper arm) this entire figure is made of custom sculpted or cast pieces.
The head armor was cast and then modified to both fit on the figure and to have full neck articulation. It was also filled with hot glue to create a socket for the torsos neck ball to pop into.
The Ironmonger forearm dremmeled out so an additional forearm piece could be inserted to create an articulated elbow joint. The hand of the power claw was made from individually cast fingers and a cast Hellboy Blink Hand.
The Chainmail was sculpted using Kneadatite Brown stuff. The Sculpt was rolled out in a thin sheet and the texture was applied. When the sculpt had cured it was cut to shape and size and glued to the figure. The skirt piece was made in the same way.
The figure was primed in solid brown and then all areas were dry brushed with several different colors. No inks or washes were used to bring out the details.
I made two different left arms and used hot glue to make the forearm socket. This way they are easily swapped out.

Notes of Interest:
This was my first time painting metallic gold and African skin tone. I think both came out very nicely. Also, other than the Krylon base coat, this figure was painted entirely with Walmart Brand craft paints.

Yagov Papyrin

Action Force Files on Unclassified Threats.
“The Butcher of Uzbekistan”

Fragment from an intercepted communiqué:
Baron, it would appear that some of our early experiments in mass genetic manipulation, though a failure on the first generation, has borne fruit in the second. If the Baron recollects, we had attempted to enhance the strength and healing factor of a large group of civilians in the Bernuiy Valley through the use of water source lacing. The initial experiments were disrupted prematurely by the eruption of a minor civil war. Many of our research experiments were lost in the revolt, but local records show that several mated pairs were able to escape and relocate to a nearby town. One such pairing bore the name Papyrin. Records are thin, but it is recorded that they gave birth to a son 14 months after the cessation of our tests.
End Transmission.

So it would seem that the dark deeds of the past have once again risen to plaque our present. I suspect that the enforcer for the Siberian Hand is in fact the child mentioned in this communiqué. Genetic samples obtained indicate extensive remodeling. Our geneticists are still attempting to determine exactly what has been modified in the man’s genome to account for the remarkable size, strength, and stamina of this beast.

I have attempted to piece together a record of the time from his birth until his appearance in the Soviet underworld. I have found scattered references to a freak child who was able to heal from horrific wounds nearly instantaneously. Based on the photographs we have been able to obtain of the Butcher, this enhanced healing would explain how he was able to survive the grafting of crude cybernetic enhancements. The photographs also indicate, and our psychologists concur, that the child most likely endured intense torture and periods of long confinement. This neglect and negative reinforcement combined with the unknown effects of the genetic manipulation has created a being of intense power and unmitigated rage.

It is my recommendation that even though Yagov Papyrin “The Butcher of Uzbekistan” has no official affiliation with any known world superpower or terrorist organization we, the Joes, and the Guard, place this man on all of our perspective watch lists.

Fighting Style:
Expert in grappling and entanglement. Grafted weaponry incorporates a number of fighting styles derived from both the use of heavy bladed hand and staff weapons.

Arm Blade, Trihooks, and chains, Anchor Grappler

"Big" scale customs 401141097

"Big" scale customs 401141089

"Big" scale customs 401141087

"Big" scale customs 401141093

"Big" scale customs 401141098

"Big" scale customs 401141099

"Big" scale customs 401141092

"Big" scale customs 401141088

I finally got my stargate built. Creating a stargate that would work in 1:18 scale has been an obsession for a while now. When I saw a "fully wired and masterfully painted" stargate listed on ebay I thought I had won the jackpot. I purchased it off of the Bay a little over a year ago and almost cried when I openned the box. It is a poorly lined up cast of a Diamond selct gate that is apparently translucent and separated with plywood. The guy used enamels to make it pretty much solid greasy looking black, so the paint was stinky and tacky, and it still was a year later. The one thing it had going for it was the working lights. Daremo's most recent Kumite contest for Slayer was just the kick in the ass I needed to get it out and get it done. So I attacked it with paint thinner to get the sticky enamel off and worke don repainting it. Once I got it a little bit more presentable I built the raised dias and table area to sit it on. The dias and table are all made of plywood, the sand is decorative flower gravel. I built the generator from a very small scale wargames hospital building and a halo pack reduction. The DHD is a Clone Wars holo projection table with a jasper cabashon on top, the computer console came from an ugnaught figure. The runestone is again a wargames piece, and the snake helmet is one of my SG1 reductions. This might possibly be my favorite thing I have done. I hope you all enjoy it as much as I do.

first without lights
"Big" scale customs Godsdoorpreview

and then with the batteries in
"Big" scale customs Litgate6
"Big" scale customs Litgate1
"Big" scale customs Litgate2
"Big" scale customs Litgate3
"Big" scale customs Litgate4
"Big" scale customs Litgate5
"Big" scale customs Litgatescale

V.A.C. (Victory at All Costs) Viper. When a mindless B.A.T. just won't do.
"Big" scale customs 400343242

"Big" scale customs 400343238

TLR-1 Artificial Intelligence Simulacrum
Now known as “Red Card”

"Big" scale customs Redcard1

"Big" scale customs Redcard2

"Big" scale customs Redcard3

"Big" scale customs Redcard5

"Big" scale customs Redcard4

"Big" scale customs Redcard6

As man began to colonize the Tri-verse, he took his past times with him. Football continues to remain one of the most popular sports in the galaxy. With the introduction of alien species to the equation, the sport took on new dimensions. The Intra-Xeno Football league was formed. Human and non-human competitors alike vie for political and economic dominance on the blood splattered fields of the Xeno Commission. The Ball field became the battle field, and the word referee became synonymous with death sentence.

Some bots draw the short straw. Even in the age of enlightenment A.I. are still the property of their employers until the terms of their contract are met or their functionality comes to an end. TLR-1 was hoping to enjoy his retirement on a nice little cyber asteroid somewhere, his chronometer told him he had one more Taren month left on his contract. Unfortunately even an A.I. can earn the envy and animosity of those around him. TLR-1 never knew why, but his employer sold his contract to a rival company. The man whom TLR-1 replaced apparently had friends in very high places. While entering the Microdine recharge room, TLR-1 was hit with an EMP wand and shut down. When he came to he was being hit in the optics with a paint brush. Accessing his internal memory he noticed he had been given a number of new subroutines and hardware modifications. With a sense of dread only a mechanical soul can bring to being, TRL-1 realized he had been repurposed. He was now a Referee,

Against a number of stacked odds TLR-1 survived not only his first game, but nearly an entire season. He came to be known as an unusually fair referee, but one who was not afraid to use his stasis lock pulses to enforce his calls. Grudgingly accepting the nickname Red Card decided to make the best of the situation. The contract has to end sometime right? Or maybe not. The seasons wore on and every inquiry into the status of his contract was rejected. Red Card began to lose hope. The constant abuse and damage was beginning to degrade some of his key systems. He feared he may never reach that little asteroid.

It was in the second quarter of the league semi finals that the portal opened. The air above the home team’s goal box seemed to tear. A swirling vortex began to draw matter into the void. The “Heroes of the Republic” ran like a bunch of little girls. In the panic Red Card was knocked to the turf. He seemed to have two options, allow himself to be drawn into the unknown, or stubbornly sling to a fate that could end in no way other than his forceful decommission. He stood up and walked towards the gateway.

When his optics clears he found himself in a large arena. Beings of all shapes and sizes were standing with him, most seemingly as disoriented as he was. It was then he heard a voice booming over the crowd. “Welcome to the Kumite. We would like to thank you for choosing to die for our amusement.” It would seem that Red jumped from the frying pan into the fire.

Pre-tournament questionnaire:
Fighting style: Are you kidding? I was a desk bot. Does place kicking and punting count as a fighting style?

Weapons: Standard Robotic Referee Penalty equipment.
Time out Whistle: A sonic pulse intended to disorient players for a maximum of 90 seconds.
Yellow Card Stasis Blast. A focused energy blast that causes organic and cybernetic systems to enter a stasis lock. While in stasis lock offending players cannot move. They are however fully conscious. This is a five minute penalty.
Red Card Stasis Blast. This higher energy blast is designed to cause full neurological system failure. Players are knocked completely unconscious. This has the unfortunate side effect of often causing a complete lose of gastro intestinal control in some species.

Parts List:
Red Card is entirely made of Star Wars Build a Droid Parts.

Work Done:
There was no modding done to this figure. He was first primed using Krylon Brushed aluminum, and then dry brushed with Testor’s Gunmetal, Apple Barrel Copper and silver. I used custom dark sepia ink washes to bring out his panel lines and details. The Referee uniform was slopped on with apple barrel white and black. I left it sloppy intentionally. Very little effort is put into the appearance of a ref bot. They aren’t expected to live long.

Notes of Special Interest:
His designation TLR-1 is a reference to the first of the Three Laws of Robotics as set down by Isaac Asimov. I made this figure as a tongue in cheek comic relief character. I hope the idea of a robotic referee in a multi-dimensional tournament to the death makes someone besides me chuckle a little bit.


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"Big" scale customs Empty woah!

Post  Guest on Sat Nov 03, 2012 4:26 pm

While I enjoy looking at them all, the Butcher and Red Card are my faves of the bunch. Red Card's story is pretty funny, and the Butcher is just AWESOME! That arm, I love it!


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"Big" scale customs Empty Re: "Big" scale customs

Post  Guest on Mon Nov 05, 2012 7:58 pm

Awesome stuff Apshalt!!!! Malik Ibn Ini-Herit is no doubt my fave. I just love how unique it looks. Also your stargate nets you big kudos in my book...(not that valuable however Wink )

Dam it brave, why did it have to be a pony? With every pony i see, i feel myself being slowly dragged into the herd...just to see what the buzz is all about. Very Happy

Anyone have a jazzwares 5inch modern supersonic fig? I got mine today and the QC is absolutley abysmal!! Divets and dents all over, black marks on his fingers, flash round his waist and one arm, weird green dots on his head, muzzle falling off his face and finally all the loose joints fans have come to expect so it becomes impossible to ballance due to his top-heavy nature thanks to his huge head. The head is softer than previous figs and weighs less, but it means nothing due to his joints.
I had to take some superglue to them right out of the package and use a drawing pin on the bottom of his shoes for some heel support just to get him to stand. I'm considering gutting the entire thing an replaceing his joints with revoltech joints but im unsure wether it would be worth the hassle.

Any thoughts?


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Post  Guest on Tue Nov 13, 2012 4:12 pm

Earl, I just got my hands on the file for that Fed we ran into the other night. It turns out that beast actually was what Franks told us, No wonder Special Task Force Unicorn wants him swept under the rug, he used to be one of them.
The file says he was a scientist by the name of Doctor David Viper. He was part of some sort of braintrust in New York. Worked on something called Project Rhino. Apparently he created a form of living armor that made the wearer nearly indestructible. Seems the first suit was given to some lunatic who went on to a life of crime, but the doc kept the second suit for himself. That is when Strickland recruited him to S.T.F.U. Seems he liked the idea of having a monster that wasn't actually a monster. Anyway, remember when the old ones first breached in Neechy Bottom? The feds captured a speciman of some kind and they wanted to see how it reacted to various types of Native tissues. Turns out it REALLY liked the living armor. So like usual, we are stuck cleaning up after the MCB and STFU. Cause we needed a half old one, half living weapon hybrid running around Alabama. Milo says he has something that might take him out. I'll let you know in the morning.

"Big" scale customs 404623073

"Big" scale customs 404623074

"Big" scale customs 404623076

"Big" scale customs 404623075


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Post  Guest on Wed Nov 14, 2012 3:02 am

Whoa, that guy is not someone you'd want to wake up in bed with. What possessed you to build such a hideously amazing creature?


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Post  Guest on Sun Nov 18, 2012 5:08 pm

Bravefish90 wrote: What possessed you to build such a hideously amazing creature?

you know, I dont think we want to know the answer to that.... affraid

Epic piece Asphalt!


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Post  Guest on Tue Nov 27, 2012 3:39 pm

"Big" scale customs Img0736f
"Big" scale customs Img0791di
"Big" scale customs Img0801s
"Big" scale customs Img0813u
"Big" scale customs Img1018b
Made these long before SH sentai Figuarts were around. Gold ranger takes the cake here i think.

"Big" scale customs Img1020
Well it is the season.

"Big" scale customs Img0819ec

"Big" scale customs Img9993y
Retrofire Jet Icarus. Collab with a friend. I did the sculpting, he did the painting.

"Big" scale customs Img9304q
Zero suit Samus. This was in my early days of customising.

"Big" scale customs Img8718x
My first evar custom. RPM whale ranger. Didn't appear in the show or get a toy exclusive like bandai's Dino rangers. Purely a fan creation.

"Big" scale customs Img1179u
MMPR micro rangers. The guys were built on a superman microman and the girls I cant remember the series where the base is from. Not perfect as you can see but these little guys are so poseable its hard not to love them.


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Post  Guest on Tue Nov 27, 2012 9:44 pm

Really cool stuff! Man, I guess you really love those rangers!


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"Big" scale customs Empty Re: "Big" scale customs

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